simply said:

CINEMA 4D & Rhino are quite a dream team:

with they play together nice as never before.

good + good = better:

Rhino is by far the best CAD and NURBS modeling tool at that price range, in fact it beats most much more expensive packages in many fields. it offers an extensive tool set. all you can possible dream of or miss in CINEMA 4D in these areas you get with Rhino, all you miss and cant do well in rhino3d you get in CINEMA 4D.

for architecture or product design visualization, Rhino had become quite an industry standard over the last years.  in the same way CINEMA 4D grows and is used by many architectural and design studios.

good x3 = best:

CINEMA 4D is one of the best, most modern, and the nicest and  intuitive 3d animation and render package money can buy. it is very artist friendly and offers tools for high-end professionals as well as for small creative one person shops. also you have a great choice of the world best render engines available for it;  starting from the good built in “Advanced Render module”, to the unbiased engines like Maxwell, Fryrender, Thea, …,to high-end engines like Renderman via Cineman) or highend engines like VRAY (VRAYforC4D), to name the most common examples.

Combine the best tools with help of, and you have all modeling capabilities you can imagine, and at the same time high end animation and rendering possibilities. All on a single CINEMA 4D workstation seat. A power full  tool set -  with  the ease of use of CINEMA 4D.

///high end features – affordable price – simple work flow – c4d reliability  & usability ///