1) what it is:

parametric modeling is a way of generating shapes and forms , due to mathematical description, small formulas or kind of “genetic information”

models will “grow”, iterate and develop into complex forms, according to a few input parameters

2) what  is it good for?

with parametric modeling you can fulfill many modeling tasks that would be almost impossible with classic modeling tools. at least in reasonable time.  you can also explore new methods of design or prototyping.

for example it is no problem to create an free form architecture  facade, or glass roof with construction , or complex jewelery within minutes, where every single panel is different in shape and dimension. you can also morph different target shapes along other surfaces. the combination are almost endless and future will show more and more results of parametric modeling in design and architecture.

as these shapes are also precise at the same time, they can be used for computer aided manufacturing, CNC , 3d prototyping, 3d printing etc.

3) does it cost extra?

no, these tools are included into rhino, all Rhino owners can download and use them for free. many modern design and architecture is designed with these 2 Rhino tool sets.

4) How are these Rhino tools called, where can i get them for free?

“grasshopper” , and “paneling tools”. produced by the rhino developers as free Rhino add ons. both you get for free with each Rhino license. in additions Rhino script lets you enhance those tools in any imaginable way. you can use Microsoft’s Vb Script language or Python language. (as Python is now also available in CINEMA 4D interesting combination are thinkable)



5) examples, what are they used for:







here also some vimeo videos:

http://www.vimeo.com/5054101 http://www.vimeo.com/7193456 http://www.vimeo.com/10246225 http://www.vimeo.com/3080762

6) can i combine that with CINEMA 4D?


with rhino.io this is very possible, it is a breeze to bring any of this cool Rhino objects and grasshopper results into CINEMA 4D.