Rhino.io is a connection and import/export plugin, that lets you directly open and save native Rhino files (3dm) from within MAXON CINEMA 4D. In addition, models that were changed in Rhino can be updated into CINEMA 4D while keeping material assignments and other changes inside CINEMA 4D intact, enabling you to work with Rhino and CINEMA 4D side by side.

Rhino could therefore act as a “NURBS plugin for CINEMA 4D”, connecting the best of both worlds. Rhinos precise and extensive CAD and NURBS tool set can be combined with CINEMA 4Ds modern and flexible texturing, shading and lighting tools.

Models imported with rhino.io are also ready to use for any high quality 3rd party rendering engine such as VRAYforC4D, Maxwell, Fryrender and more.

Rhino.io is available now for 99 Euros in our 3dtools.eu webshop.

it is already compatible with new  Cinema4D v20 (works with mac and pc from v11.017 -20) and rhino v4 and v5 file formats (v6+7-wip can save into these formats, so can be used too)

Main rhino.io features:

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just open, merge or drag the .3dm rhino files to Cinema4d and they will open, all rhino scene structures are kept, You get a clean, ready to use, native Cinema4d scene (also see detailed feature list on this site).

best use this site with Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers (IE is not recommeded)